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Opter pour un VTC pour vos transferts vous permet de vous déplacer dans aucun souci. Lors de votre séjour à Marseille, vous n’aurez qu’à programmer à l’avance vos courses et procéder à la réservation de votre VTC selon vos besoins. Le chauffeur viendra vous chercher à la date et à l’heure que vous avez indiquée avec la voiture que vous avez préalablement choisie.

Car rental agency with driver in Marseille and the neighboring cities. Passenger car with driver VIP.

Car rental, taxi or VTC?

It is common or essential for business or tourist travel to have access to a means of transport, independently or not. Depending on the distance and / or the country it is already more complicated to use one’s own vehicle, especially when the country visited is separated by thousands of kilometers, a sea or an ocean. This is where the providers of passenger transport come in.

They are distinguished according to several categories, the proposed service is obviously equivalent to its cost. As often, the more you put the price, the better the service offered.

The various car rental services, with or without driver

The different classes of providers of rental car are roughly divided into 3 classes:

  • The VTC, literally Vehicle of Tourism with Driver. It is the most expensive car rental service but also the most classy. Here you are at the little care with an exclusive private driver who takes care of your luggage, opens and closes the door, pick you up and waiting for you, high-end vehicle of last generation hyper secure and technologically advanced, air conditioning, bar , the class!
  • Taxis, we find the good and the least good. Classic service, if you come across a « nice » driver, he will take care of your luggage otherwise you get by, average race price as the benefit. Mid-range car, not necessarily first youth, no frills what. You get what you pay for.
  • The rental of the vehicle alone. It is you who are doing well because you are your own driver. The least expensive solution and adapted to your budget since you choose your vehicle.

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